Web-based MoFuSS

Modeling Fuelwood Savings Scenarios


MoFuSS is an open-source freeware developed to evaluate potential impacts of firewood harvest and charcoal production over the landscape. It’s a GIS-based model that simulates the spatio-temporal effect of woodfuel harvesting on the landscape vegetation and that accounts for savings in non-renewable woody biomass from reduced consumption. MoFuSS is being developed and supported by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in close collaboration with the US Center of the Stockholm Environment Institute and the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

Select type of analysis

There are two versions for web-based MoFuSS. The first one considers predefined values for the simulation parameters and, in that sense, it's useful to evaluate the most common scenario. The second version, which is still under development, offers full control of the simulation scenario.