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Tier levels in MoFuSS are inspired by the IPCC classification. Progressing from Tier 1 to Tier 3 generally represents a reduction in the uncertainty of NRB estimates.

brightness_1 Tier 1 employs global datasets freely available. Input parameters, such as biomass growth functions for example, are derived from global datasets, resulting in wide variations that are propagated within MoFuSS as uncertainty.
brightness_1 Tier 2 employs country datasets mostly available to the general public. Input parameters are based in available information for the country.
brightness_1 Tier 3 employs country or regional datasets produced specifically for MoFuSS, and sometimes calibrated with ground data. In certain cases, some sort of validation of parameters and /or results are available.

Tier 1

Important Note: There aren’t any Tier 1 MoFuSS analyses for the moment, as it will need further development and computing capacity. However, the results from the WISDOM 2015 pantropical are displayed for the time being. Worth mentioning these are default values for Tool30.

Tier 2

Tier 3