Modeling Fuelwood Savings Scenarios

Modeling fuelwood savings scenarios

MoFuSS was designed to estimate avoided CO2e emissions resulting from a reduction in woodfuels use. It is a GIS-based model that simulates the spatio-temporal impacts of woodfuel harvesting over dynamic landscapes. In the aim of not cutting corners, MoFuSS evolved into a complex modeling tool that integrates various drivers of land change, woodfuel demand sources, and end-user technologies.

The latest version of MoFuSS is capable of calibration with observed dynamics of aboveground biomass, making future projections more robust.

Calculating avoided emissions using MoFuSS departs from any currently approved methodology such as AMS.II.G, and requires information on both past and future deployment of woodfuel-saving devices. However, to ensure applicability, MoFuSS also calculates the fraction of Non-Renewable Biomass in the baseline.

MoFuSS is an open-source freeware developed and maintained by the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the Stockholm Environment Institute. Please check our sponsors below.



Please note that only the Default Scenarios (MoFuSS-DS) tool is currently available to the public. The remaining three tools require a user account. We are diligently working with the Clean Cooking Alliance to make these tools accessible to everyone. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at


Most MoFuSS workshops are organized on demand. Please contact us in case you need specific training or want to conduct analyses over an area of interest in the global south


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The latest version of MoFuSS doesn't store large datasets. Instead, it includes a few .csv tables available in the GitLab repository. When running MoFuSS for any area of interest and resolution, it downloads all necessary data using Google Earth Engine and R scripts, which are also available in the repository.